Thursday, December 20, 2007

Completely Random Update

Yikes, I really haven't been keeping up with blogging lately... It's been a crazy few weeks, so I guess I'll just give all three people who read this a quick update on the world of April. By "quick" I mean that it will probably be long, though shorter than it might have been.

~ We had a fairly large ice storm last week... although it wasn't quite as bad as it was supposed to be. They closed our office last Tuesday due to the weather (hooray!), then the roads never got bad like they were supposed to. We had a lot of tree damage at our house, but thankfully nothing else was damaged. A lot of people in the area lost power (some communities still don't have power), but we never did, thank God... although our internet connection has been a little irritable since the storm. I'd much rather have irritable internet connection than no electricity, so I'm not going to complain.

~ I started Christmas shopping on Monday night. I finished on Tuesday night. I am, I must saw, very cool.

~ I finished up another semester of school. Only 15 or so more years until I'm done. Still got the 4.0... woo-hoo! I'm taking three more classes next semester, two of them online. We'll see how that goes...

~ In Topeka, there is a road called Wanamaker on which the bulk of commerce in Topeka occurs. There is a Walmart, a Target, a Best Buy, a mall, a Toys R Us and numerous other stores on a 5 block stretch of road. During the best of times (as in, not Christmas time), it is a busy place. During the worst of times (as in, Christmas time), it is an insane madhouse. My husband (who had gone Christmas shopping three nights in a row and is still not done) dragged me to Wanamaker with him last night so he could finish his Christmas shopping. (Except, he didn't finish...) We spent two hours at Walmart, including close to an hour in line, and when we drove to Best Buy, right across the street, it took us almost 30 minutes to get there.

~ I came up with a new word last night during the Walmart excitement. Wal-martians. I was trying to describe the walmart crowd and/or those running the Walmart scene and it just kind of slipped out. Unexpected genius.

~ I believe that I am a strange female in that I do not like to shop. When I go to a store, I wan to get what I need and leave. When I tell other females this and they tend to look at me as if I have two extra heads.

~ I learned how to make the most awesomest Mexican chili in the entire world.

~ I am looking for a new job. There are some employee issues at my current which make me, and most of my co-workers, very very angry and put a huge portion of the work load on a small number of us. It's been getting progessively worse for the last six months. I've been hanging on, thinking that it would get better, but it hasn't, and work stress has been creeping into my entire life, so I think it's time to move on. There's a couple jobs opening up after the first of the year, one of which sounds somewhat appealing to me... we'll see what happens.

~ I was driving in Topeka the other day in a part of town I'm usually not in and I came across a sign that cracked me up. It said... ready for this? "HILL" I was a little startled by this, because while Kansas is flat, I'd never think it was flat enough to require a sign alerting drivers to the fact that there was a not-flat area. Turns out, it's a really, really, really steep hill... There's a power line crossing the road about halfway down the hill, and before you come to the top of the hill, it looks like you're going to run into the wire... then you get to the top of the hill and the road pretty much disappears. So I suppose some warning for the hill is a good idea, but putting up a sign that says "HILL" in Kansas is just asking for mockery.

~ Next week is Christmas. That doesn't seem possible.

~ I've been working on my novel that I started during NaNoWriMo last month. My husband's given me a deadline of the end of the year to have the first draft finished (he thinks it's really going to happen too... ha!) and it's been coming along slightly better than other things I have written. Before anyone asks, there will be much editing before anyone other than myself reads it.

~ It's supposed to be 55 degrees tomorrow.

~ We're supposed to get three inches of snow on Saturday.

~ Kansas is weird.

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