Saturday, October 25, 2008

Bits and pieces

Life has been nuts. I could right an insanely long blog about all that is going on... but instead I'll just write a fairly long blog about some of the things that are going on.
~ Remember awhile back when I mentioned that our sewer was broken and we were going to have to replace it… and I really hoped that it wouldn’t turn into one of those horrible, horrible long ordeals that took months to finish? Yeah… this is my bathroom right now:

Notice the hole in the ground and the distinct lack of any type of plumbing and/or sewage pipes in said hole? Yep, that’s right… Still not done. Although, we’ve upgraded slightly from India-like conditions in the other bathroom and have an shower-like thing installed… and we no longer have to flush with a bucket. Good times.

~ We got a new supervisor at work three weeks ago. She is… well, she is not going to be my best buddy. Or probably my buddy at all. I'm, in fact, pretty sure she hates my guts. Yet another reason to find a new job.

~ I’m having sinus surgery next Wednesday (29 October). They’re going to remove the polyps and straighten my septum so I can breathe better. The ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) doctor was showing my the CT scan of my nose... one side of my nose, there's just a tiny passageway for the air to get through, the other side is full of polyps. No wonder I've had so many sinus problems... It’s supposed to be pretty miserable for the first week after the surgery, but then, if all goes as planned, it will make my life much nicer.

~ I saw the craziest wreck the other night. It looked like a big grain truck had pulled out in front of a pickup truck and a PT cruiser. The grain truck ended up blocking the westbound lanes somehow (it was on a divided highway) and the pickup and PT cruiser apparently both hit their brakes to avoid hitting the grain truck. The PT cruiser went UNDER the pickup. The pickup was on it’s front two wheels, and the cab of the PT cruiser was almost directly underneath the cab of the pickup… and other than a crack in the windshield and some hood damage, the PT cruise was just fine. Everyone was standing around outside the cars and it didn’t look like anyone got hurt, but it was pretty odd looking.

~ It’s now time for an “April is an idiot” story. Elly the dog isn’t supposed to go into our bedroom because she sheds a lot and my husband wants to have at least one room that isn’t covered with dog hair. Lately we’ve been blocking the door to the room with a box fan that is about 2 feet high. Because our house is... unique... the frame for the bedroom door is really low - if I stand up straight in the doorway, I can touch the door with the top of my head. So… the other night, I was playing with Elly the dog. We'd been playing the game for awhile and I thought I’d outsmart her by jumping into the bedroom and hiding behind the door. So I ran to the door and leaped over the fan… and apparently, I didn’t duck far enough. I smashed my head against the top of the door, and down I went. My husband said he heard a crash and asked me what happened, and I didn’t answer, so I guess I knocked myself out for a minute. I got a nice size lump on my head, a bunch of bruises, and a really bent up fan.

The aforementioned Elly the dog and the fan.
Elly the dog is gigantic now. My husband calls her dogzilla. My mom calls her Elly-phant.
~ I’m taking three classes this semester. None of them are terribly difficult, but they are starting to kick my butt.
~ It's almost November... which means it's again time for NaNoWriMo. I'm pretty excited again this year. I've got what I hope is a pretty good story I've been mulling over.
~ Speaking of November, I'll be 30 at the end of November. That's a little weird.
OK. That's enough for now. I'll write again sometime in the near future. I hope.