Thursday, January 10, 2008

Thus far...

I'm not terribly impressed with 2008 thus far.

New Year's Day was all right, nothing spectacular, but all right.

On Wednesday the 2nd, we had three out of eight people show up for work. And we were swamped. My husband called me mid-afternoon and told me he was going home because he wasn't feeling so good. He was huddled in bed under about 5 blankets and kinda pukey when I got home from work. I felt bad for him.

Thursday morning, I woke up feeling a little achy. Around lunch time, I started feeling kinda pukey myself. I went home from work at 1:00. My husband was still sick too, but I wasn't feeling quite so bad for him anymore, since he infected me.

I stayed home sick on Friday. I was sick Saturday. I still felt awful on Sunday. My husband was feeling better on Monday, so he went back to work. I was still sick. I went into work on Tuesday, mostly because I felt really guilty for missing work and not really because I felt any better. I went home about 11:30. I stayed home sick against yesterday.

I'm finally feeling almost human today. I'm back at work and I think I might make it through the day...

I sure hope the year gets better.

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