Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I feel so... American.

Well... we did it. We got high speed internet at home yesterday. I got online at home last night and pages would load in a couple seconds instead of a couple minutes. I shan't miss dial-up one bit.

We also got cable yesterday. We had to get the basic cable package to get the internet, and we were only supposed to get 7 channels. We got 70. The guy that installed it said that in some places, the other channels come through and there's no way to shut it off, and we're apparently one of those places... So we get about 70 channels and only have to pay for 7. My brother informed me that it's "about freaking time" that I joined American society. I'm kinda excited about that because it means we get the history channel and I am a dork. Now the trick is not to get sucked into watching it all the time...

What happening to me? My husband starts his new job tomorrow, so we'll both be off evenings, weekends and holidays. We have fast internet on a new, fast computer. We have cable. My husband fixed the dryer yesterday. We'll soon have a new refrigerator that actually keeps things cold.

Yikes.... I'm almost normal.

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Erica Vetsch said...

A little over a year ago I had a similar experience. We got high speed and we got cable. But this week I suffered a reversal. My cable company switched some channels around and now I don't get two of my favorites that I've discovered of this past year that I CAN'T live without...well, I can, because I did before, but I sooo don't want to...sigh. America, Land of the free and home of the Braves (Atlanta Braves, that ESPN for me either.)